7 Best Sports Simulators to Play Today

Everyone has long been accustomed to such sports simulators as FIFA, NHL, and NBA 2K. These games are released in millions of copies and have an extensive fan base. The price tag of new versions of these games grows every year, but at the same time, the developers don’t seem to be trying to offer something new.

If you are tired of the monotony of the usual simulators, then you should pay attention to less promoted games. You can try yourself in the most unexpected sports, on which sometimes it’s even impossible to bet. Here are 7 not the most famous but fascinating sports simulators to play this evening.

Rocket League

In Rocket League, players are divided into two teams, each with a maximum of four users. Each player controls a racing car with a rocket engine. The goal is to score a big ball into the opponent’s goal. The team gets points for each goal. Cars can jump up to hit the ball in the air, and still get a boost in speed and strength of impact.

Opponents’ cars can be destroyed. Then they will revive at the gates of their team. The match lasts for five minutes; in the case of a tied score, overtime begins. Single and multiplayer modes are available, with the possibility of playing online.

PGA Tour 2K23

PGA Tour 2K23 allows players to try their hand at golf and compete with Tiger Woods. Hone your hitting technique on the practice range and go for trophies on the world tour. The game features dozens of arenas with their own peculiarities and types of terrain. The ball flight mechanics have been improved compared to previous versions of the simulator, and more factors, including weather conditions, affect the accuracy of your shots. The difficulty level can be customized. A beginner will find it easier to master the game, while a seasoned golfer will appreciate their skills.

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

The game was released in 2002, and some fans caught the Gameboy version. The surfing simulator is dedicated to one of the most famous riders, American Kelly Slater. The user conquers the waves on his surfboard; points are awarded for the most difficult tricks and a long ride. The landscape is diverse. There are sandy tropical beaches, a raging ocean, and a location in a cave for training. Although the game is over 20 years old, the graphics still look decent, and the pixelated palm trees and waves vault old-school.


In ARMS, game characters converge in hand-to-hand combat. The game mechanics are standard for fighting games, including punches, blocks, and special techniques. The feature of the simulator is that the heroes’ arms are lengthened. This feature can be used to attack the enemy from a distance in order to inflict more damage. A total of 15 playable characters are available, each with their own unique abilities and combinations. Up to four gamers can participate in one battle. There are single-player and multiplayer modes, and you can also play online.

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is focused on off-road racing, plus the races take place in different weather. You can try your luck in five game modes: rally-cross, ice racing, monster truck races in stadiums, and off-road buggy races. There is also a career mode, in which the player opposes another racer, and an experienced mentor helps pump skills. The races are accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack featuring The Killers and The Prodigy.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The official video game of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games offers players a unique opportunity to feel like real professional athletes and test their strength and skills in 18 different sports disciplines. There are 80 national teams with equipment and an anthem available in the game. You can also play for the Olympic Committee team for a particular country. For the diversity, the special modes with strengthening the characteristics of athletes are responsible. And among the game characters, there is an astronaut in a suit and Sonic. At the end of the competition, a cutscene with the award ceremony and the anthem is included.

TopSpin 2K25

In TopSpin 2K25, the player is in the shoes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and other world tennis stars. You can play single matches or enter a Grand Slam tournament and go all the way from the qualifying stage to the final battle for the trophy. In the training mode, the user gets the opportunity to pump skills and work out combinations that will be useful later in the game. The appearance of tennis players is customizable. Various costumes, shoes, rackets, and accessories are available to players. You can create your own character and bring him to the top level by beating the current legends of racket and ball.

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